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Here are a few current and ongoing projects that I'm working on or designing or thinking about. I'm open to collaborations with like-minded folks!

  • Authoring a series of profiles to be released throughout 2022-2023 for PittWire: Ones to Watch.

  • I'm collecting audio oral histories of people in my families to make digital narrative compositions and historical archives. I'm inspired by Erin Anderson's multimodal web text The Olive Project and a local collaborative work called The Collective Legacy Project

  • Brewing a literary project called Mixed Burgh, collecting the stories of mixed-race/multiracial experiences in Pittsburgh. This might include an audio element. 

  • Training to be adoptee mentor through the Adoptee Mentoring Society.  

  • Poetry: tracing the elusive path of a great-great aunt named Katy who passed for white in the American South in the 1930s and "returned" to her family some years later. It is a mythology of sorts, a poetic reimagining with lots of white spaces.

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